Let me introduce myself! My name is Alexandra Peffer. I live in the magical city of Dubai. It’s a city of contrasts, where the oriental flavour is astonishingly combined with the European lifestyle. Dubai is the capital of fashion and shopping in the Middle East.

Fashion and style are the things that I love. That's why I feel particularly comfortable living in Dubai. Here I found my favorite work – I became a personal stylist. Let me tell you about the way to my dream.

Empty counters and harsh winters did not destroy my craving for the beauty

I should like to say that I was dressed as a doll in beautiful clothes when I was little. But I grew up in the 1990s, when the country experienced the deficit of goods. My mom had to spend the whole day standing in the line to buy at least a couple of "Made in China" dresses. Fashion was not available for us. We lived in a small town in the far north. When the outside temperature was -55 Co, the most important value of our clothes was to keep us warm on the way to school.

However I was always craving for beautiful clothes. My father encouraged me to love fashion. When he was young he dressed stylishly, and was like a foreign singer. When I was in high school, my parents brought me from Moscow a very beautiful white trench with pearl glow. It was very chic and it cost about a third of dad's salary.

Wearing this trench and suede knee high boots that I got at the same time I felt like the queen of the school. Perhaps, it was then that I felt all the bright colors of life when you look stylishly. As I got older my love for beauty only grew. I sewed dresses for myself on patterns from the Burda magazine. And I did not even suspect that you can practice fashion and style as a profession.

Languages paved me the way to Dubai

I got my first education as a linguist/interpreter of English and German. When I graduated from university, I even opened my own translation agency. I hired employees and began to earn good money. But this work did not give me a sense of fulfillment. Speaking English helped me to meet my American husband and move to the UAE. Now language skills help me in everyday life and work. If you go on shopping with me in Dubai, you’ll get all-in-one – a stylist and an interpreter at the same time.

Style as a profession – the thing I've been striving for all my life

My body changed after I gave birth to my first daughter. I did not know what to do with my new shape. I wanted to look like a stylish mommy and not as a depressed housewife. I started to learn for myself. But later on I discovered a great desire to help other women to transform. Then I decided to make style a profession, my lifetime project. I'm sure that every woman can look fashionable whether you are a business woman, a housewife or a young mother. The fashion world has its own rules, tricks and gimmicks. If you use them you can remain a stylish woman in any period of your life.

Creating YOUR style is MY mission

I have been working as a personal stylist for over five years. During that period I’ve helped dozens of women to transform. If you consult me for professional advice you will receive not only recommendations based on your color type and body shape. First of all, I’ll explore your personality. 

What you live and breathe, what your goals are – these are the key moments, that will be taken into account while selecting your style. A unique style will be born if your appearance is consistent with your inner senses. My task is to find it and bring it to life.

Each of my projects ends with sparkling eyes of women and their grateful messages full of delight and joy. I'm glad to see their happy faces, and I feel myself as a part of every such transformation.

Do you want to feel like a cover girl when looking in the mirror, and rock the world with the way you look?

Please, contact me I will be happy to help you create your style.

You can call or text me in WhatsApp: +971-56-734-2076 (UAE)

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