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Provence Style

Hello Friends! Thank you for reading my blog. Following up the Personal Style category I’d like to tell you about the Provence Style and to show how I see it. At first let’s find out what the word “Provence” means. Provence is a French word for “province” and means a region in the south-east of France. Provence style is a variant of country style. The French country style has become popular in the interior design, art and clothing. This is quite clear why – a warm,...


Romantic Style

Hello Friends! Thank you for stopping by. Often it’s difficult to choose one clothing style. And it’s not always clear what forms this or that style. So, I’ve made up my mind to introduce a new category called “Personal Style” where I’ll tell you about different clothing styles and will show you how I wear them. Today let’s get a view of the Romantic fashion style and I will show you the example of my Romantic outfit. Nowadays there are no distinct rules and boundaries in...

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