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W Hotel Dubai

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by! My husband and I recently went on a “staycation” holiday to W Hotel. I’ve already told you in Instagram what staycation is. Staycation (or stay-at-home vacation) is a vacation spent at home instead of travelling abroad. It’s very popular in Dubai. You may pretend that you are a tourist in your home town or city. We like to spend our time off this way whenever we can. We love hotels and we love Dubai. It’s a good chance to spend time alone...


City Walk Dubai

Hello friends, I call myself an urbanist. In the city, I’m like a fish in water. That’s why Dubai is a very comfortable place for me. Many of my friends, however, don’t really care for the urban spirit Dubai has to offer, but….. with me it’s just the other way round! City Walk is one of my favorite places in Dubai. So, let’s walk along this area. When you get there, it seems that you are not in Dubai. It feels as if you are in a town inside of Dubai. When you are...


Our Travel to Baku

Будучи мамой троих детей, мне не так часто выпадает возможность путешествовать с мужем вдвоем. Когда только я и он. Да что там путешествовать, просто побыть вдвоем, провести вечер в ресторане или сходить в кино. Конечно, мы с мужем любим проводить время с детьми, отдыхать и...

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