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I call myself an urbanist. In the city, I’m like a fish in water. That’s why Dubai is a very comfortable place for me. Many of my friends, however, don’t really care for the urban spirit Dubai has to offer, but….. with me it’s just the other way round!

Персональный стилист в Дубае Шопинг-сопровождение в Дубае

City Walk is one of my favorite places in Dubai. So, let’s walk along this area.

Имидж-консультант в Дубае

Шоппинг со стилистом в Дубае

When you get there, it seems that you are not in Dubai. It feels as if you are in a town inside of Dubai.

Шопинг в Дубае Шоппинг в Дубае

Шопинг со стилистом в Дубае Имидж-консультант в Дубае

Персональный имидж-консультант в Дубае

When you are walking along City Walk, you always have the feeling that you are somewhere in England. The architecture, nice snug cafés, and even a red telephone booth – they all create a British-like atmosphere.

Шоппинг со стилистом в Дубае Стилист-имиджмейкер в Дубае Шоппинг в Дубае

Шопинг со стилистом в Дубае

Персональный стилист в Дубае

Of course one can’t pass this telephone booth and not take a picture.

Your imagination immediately transports you to the streets of London.

Стилист в Дубае

Шоппинг Дубай Персональный стилист в Дубае

Шопинг со стилистом в Дубае

All this urban British flavor is seasoned with imitation of graffiti on the walls and modern technology such as street air-conditioning. These advanced conveniences will help you easily cope with Dubai’s hot weather, even at peak summer temperatures.

Шопинг-сопровождение в Дубае Шоппинг со стилистом в Дубае Шоппинг в Дубае Шопинг со стилистом в Дубае

After you have walked along City Walk and enjoyed the British spirit of the boulevard that so naturally fit in the luxurious concept of Dubai, it’s high time to have a bite to eat. Porridge, Sir! – sure…. or you may choose street food and excellent Arabic coffee.

Шопинг в Дубае Шоппинг со стилистом в Дубае Стилист Дубай

I love to have a good breakfast. That’s why my choice is a cozy French café Aubaine.

Стилист Дубай Шопинг-сопровождение в Дубае

Fashion and magazine enthusiasts should visit Harper’s Bazaar Cafe.

Шопинг со стилистом в Дубае

If you have weakness for sweets than you have drawn the winning ticket. City Walk is a paradise to chocolate lovers. You may enjoy chocolate in every sense of the word. Start with chocolate mini-factory. For 20 dirhams ($5,5) the factory will be opened specially for you and will produce a piece of chocolate. Of course it’s just for entertainment. But if you have children with you they would definitely love to see how it works. They will enjoy it for sure.

Шопинг в Дубае

After that, you can go to the chocolate store, which is located opposite of the mini factory. There are more than 700 types of chocolate. Boutique le Chocolat is a unique chocolate shop and knows no equals. I’m not a big fan of chocolate but I had great aesthetic pleasure. Check it out. Chocolate statues, chocolate bags and shoes, and even chocolate jewelry. Looks like a true boutique, doesn’t it?

Шопинг-сопровождение в Дубае

Almost everything is made of chocolate there. For example, a chocolate statue.

Персональный стилист в Дубае

A chocolate snow town.

Шопинг в Дубае

A Prada purse, shoes, lipsticks, all made of chocolate.Персональный стилист в Дубае

Lots of chocolate…

Шопинг-сопровождение в Дубае

24 25 26 Шопинг в Дубае

After you have enjoyed chocolate in its art form to the full you should visit Cocoa Kitchen café. It is a concept store that revolves around a simple mono ingredient – cocoa. Every item on the menu contains cacao beans. Cacao as appetizer, cacao for the main course and cacao for the dessert. And in the kitchen, on the other side of the glass, you may see how cooks are making sweet and savoury dishes out of cacao.

Шоппинг Дубай Шопинг со стилистом в Дубае Шопинг в Дубае

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Сity Walk if you are visiting Dubai.

You can combine walking, shopping and good food.

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