39 y.o.

My name is Natalia. I'm from Blagoveshchensk, a city in the Amur Region (Russia's Far East). I'm 39 years old, state employee, mother of three. I learned about Alexander via e-mail. I visited her website and realized that everything there was so close to me and I liked it a lot. It meant that she was my type of person and that she can understand and help me. So I got in contact with her. I asked her to make me look younger and more stylish, because my youngest kid was under one year old that time and I didn’t want to be accepted for her grandmother when I take her to school. My children were the main reason for me to change. I wanted them to think that their mother is the most beautiful and young. I think this is very important. It was time to move on to a better level. Alexandra gave me a full image consultation. I can recommend it to everyone. At first, all information you get is just about you: your color type (which you can hardly determine by yourself); your body shape and proportions (correcting which you can make your body look better); your style (that will be selected on the basis of your lifestyle: outfits for home, sports activities, work, walks with kids, meeting with friends, social events, restaurants, theatres and etc.); tips for choosing and combining accessories was just great together with secrets from the stylist. We all like to watch makeover shows. We are all smart, we read magazines and special literature, we understand everything and it seems very simple. But for some reason we rarely apply it to ourselves. The person from the side, especially a professional in this sphere, can see all our disadvantages and advantages. Alexandra successfully applies it in her work. It's great! Just try and do not be afraid. Nobody forces you. You’ll just get the food for thoughts and you will decide what is better for you.

55 y.o.

My name is Lyudmila. I am 55 years old. I work as an engineer at Russian Railways. I live in the Far East, in a small town in the south of the Khabarovsk Territory. In the second half of 2013 I decided to lose some weight. I succeeded and lost 15 kg. My looks changed and I was eager to have new wardrobe arranged with the help of a stylist. I wanted to get some knowledge to be able to choose clothes myself. At first I applied to Alexandra to determine my color type. I liked her explanations and decided to order a full image consultation. As a result, I got a lot of information, which I lacked all my life (I always felt it). Alexandra possesses the skills of an excellent teacher, who not only can explain the material, but also create a psychologically comfortable atmosphere for the learner. I am so grateful that I met Sasha. I took a different look at myself and now I can even give advice to my daughters who are already listening to me with interest. I revised my wardrobe and started to create a new one, taking into account all the information I learned from Alexandra. Thank you very much for the material, for such a warm, emotional atmosphere during our consultations. It was a real pleasure communicating with you. I wish you good luck and to have more good clients. Be happy!


Greetings Alexandra! Thank you for your so professionally conducted consultation! The way you speak is charming! You explained me all the aspects of my personal image creation in a very soft, feminine, but clear way without any empty talks. I did like everything you offered me to flatter my type of body shape. Thank you for selecting the styles and accessories that suit me most! I really enjoyed all the information you sent me, which I used to create my own wardrobe. Good luck in your work! You are very charming! You have good ability to share information and tell the client what is better to do to become attractive! Sincerely yours, Dina, Milan.

27 y.o.

Alexandra held a full consultation for me. I was impressed indeed! I never thought that seemingly simple information can make such a revolution in my mind in relation to the way you look, the clothes you wear and the style you choose. I took a new look at myself. I understood how many mistakes I made by choosing the clothes of the wrong cut and color thinking that they suited me. I avoided wearing the "right" shades and forms that were really "mine" and that emphasized my appearance and body! This consultation was a big push for me on the way to changes and renewal of my wardrobe! I would like to thank Alexandra for her professional work, recommendations and examples of outfits chosen for me! I'm still overwhelmed. Yana, 27 y.o.

23 y.o.

Hello Alexandra! Thank you very much for the wonderful shopping in Dubai! Now all my clothes in the wardrobe are functioning, and the outfits arranged with your help are so diverse and straightforward! Just on the very first day I received millions of compliments not only from my husband (he is my devoted admirer), but also from my friends, acquaintances and my husband's colleagues! You make women not only beautiful but also self-confident! My wardrobe used to be boring and dysfunctional, I always had "nothing to wear" and it did not fit my new status at all. Thanks to you, all problems went away just in a few hours! I got a bright, stylish and exquisite wardrobe with lots of accessories for all occasions! Now I know what clothes and colors suit me and how to arrange outfits correctly. I am very grateful to you! You are a beautiful and talented woman, an expert in your field! Thank you very much! Irina, 23 years old.


My name is Marina. I live in the city of Kirov. I am mother of five-month-old daughter. I like to train my body and mind. I get thorough a training called Self-assessment, where there was an obligatory task: consultation with a stylist. Thanks to this training I learned that there is such a profession. I ordered a full consultation. It was very interesting to get such a multifaceted consultation. I am very grateful to Alexandra for such comprehensive information. I learned what I can wear being on maternity leave. My wardrobe will definitely change! I really liked the consultation. Alexandra has a very pleasant voice. I had a great time listening to Alexandra.


Greetings! My name is Catherine. I'm from Samara. I work as an accountant. Shopping for clothes is the biggest nightmare in my life. The result brings me down and there’s always nothing to wear. After consultation with the stylist I got an understanding of the advantages of my body shape and color combinations. New opportunities opened up. Also I came to a conclusion that if you want to reduce waste of money and time on the wardrobe it’s better to seek professional advice.  

30 y.o.

I want to thank Alexandra for full consultation. I received a lot of interesting information in a very simple and accessible form. I did not even think about some things... Information about color type, body shape, the proportions in clothes and styles formed into a picture like pieces of a puzzle. Now I understand what mistakes I made when choosing clothes, how monotonous was my wardrobe. Alexandra not just explained me the theory, but she also showed me some specific examples of outfits that I can wear to the office, for a walk or to a meeting with friends. I am very glad that my choice fell on Alexandra. Galina, 30 y.o., Moscow


My name is Lyazzat. I'm from Astana. I am on maternity leave now. I decided to combine the trip to Dubai with effective shopping. I had limited amount of time and I wanted to update my wardrobe partially, therefore I turned to Alexandra. This greatly reduced the time on looking for the necessary clothes. In general, I was satisfied with the purchases we made with Alexandra and I could recommend her for personal shopping. I think that we worked very efficiently for the first time. Also I got a description of 30 different sets of purchased clothes.

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