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Often it’s difficult to choose one clothing style. And it’s not always clear what forms this or that style. So, I’ve made up my mind to introduce a new category called “Personal Style” where I’ll tell you about different clothing styles and will show you how I wear them. Today let’s get a view of the Romantic fashion style and I will show you the example of my Romantic outfit.

Шоппинг в Дубае

Nowadays there are no distinct rules and boundaries in styles. You can mix them and you can combine the things, which seem uncombined from the first glance. Life has become more interesting since you can play with fashion and style, experiment on it, search and create something new and unique.

Шоппинг со стилистом в Дубае

Although there is a variety of a Romantic style interpretation, some of its traits remain unchanged and allow us to get the Romantic impression. Certain colors, prints, materials and accessories create the right impression.

Стилист-имиджмейкер в Дубае

Pure Romantic style may look strange on a modern girl. This is abundance of ruffles, floral print, bows and other marmalade stuff. Today’s Romantic style must look modern. We are not young ladies of 19th-century Romanticism. Are we? That’s why we have to adapt Romantic style to contemporaries. Of course, there is a place for ruffles, bows, flounces and similar sort of decorative elements. BUT! You have to keep a sense of proportion. Do not overload your look!

Стилист в Дубае

The impression created by Romantic style is characterized by feminity, tenderness, softness and smoothness. The degree of feminity you may choose yourself depending on what is best for you. Mine is somewhere in the middle.

Стилист-имиджмейкер в Дубае

I often use Romantic style elements in my outfits, but it’s important for me to keep the right sense of proportion and not to go too far.

Шопинг со стилистом в Дубае

Let’s see what elements and features are common to Romantic clothing style:

Colors: light, soft, pastel and tender. You may also wear dark colors, but if there is a feminine print or if the fabrics have a very soft texture, e.g. laces.

Стилист в Дубае

Fabrics: the ones you want to touch and that delight the eye. They are soft, flowing and flying.

Prints: feminine – Floral, Paisley, Polka Dot.

Шопинг в Дубае

Accessories: feminine and romantic. They are either elegant and delicate or large enough but still feminine and not looking heavy.

Стилист в Дубае

Стилист в Дубае

If you love Romantic style do not hesitate to put it into life and adapt to yourself.

Romantic style

Ladies, what is your attitude to modern Romance in your wardrobe? Do you like Romantic outfits? Where do you usually wear them?

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