Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends!

Персональный стилист в Дубае

What’s your attitude towards Valentine’s Day? It is a relatively new holiday in Russia and I know that not everybody likes to celebrate it. As for me, I do like February 14th! It’s a special day for me and my husband and we are always looking forward to it.

Шоппинг в Дубае

Even now, living in Dubai with its conservative culture, Valentine’s Day remains one of my favorite holidays. Of course, marketers take advantage of it and organize different events, attractive offers in restaurants, clubs and hotels. You have to make table reservations a week or two in advance.

Стилист-имиджмейкер в Дубае

But since I mostly work with women, I heard from them that not everyone loves this holiday. For obvious reasonssingle ladies feel sad this dayBut even being in a relationship, some girls are still not fond of Valentine’s Day.
Стилист в Дубае

Sad to say, but men do not pay enough attention to their beloved. I read the statistics the other day and found out that 15% of US women send themselves flowers for Valentine’s Day. It’s not very pleasant, isn’t it? Are only men to blame for it? How to encourage them to devote more attention to their sweethearts, to give flowers, gifts and surprise them more often? Let’s figure it out.
Шопинг со стилистом в Дубае

My husband gives me flowers and gifts whatever the reason or for no reason at all. First, he is a very generous man. For me, greed is the worst trait of man’s character. I would never be able to live with a greedy person. Secondly, he just knows that I love and appreciate it. It is very likely that if your man doesn’t give you flowers – either he doesn’t want to spend money (and it’s your choice to be with him or not) or he just doesn’t know that you like it. He isn’t aware that it is very important to you in order to feel his love and attention. Maybe it’s you being too much independent and showing that you don’t need any gifts from the opposite sex? And after that, you get offended for receiving nothing.
Стилист в Дубае

Men and women think different. We women may say one thing and think another. We dont like to speak plainWe prefer to imply and talk in circlesMen are differentThey don’t understand hints and double meaning. They usually love to do wonderful things but do not always know how. Thats why we should help them and simplify the taskTell him clear what you like and where he may buy it. The more detailed and specific your wishes are, the better. Little girls are very good at itMy daughters will always tell with sparkling in their eyes about beautiful dolls they’ve seen in a shop and that they are willing to play with them as soon as possible. Mothers, learn from your kids!

Шоппинг со стилистом в Дубае

Yes, some men are more romantic and know what women want, but only a few of them. Over the years most men stop showing affection to their loved ones. The most important thing, is not to start nagging them. When was the last time you gave a surprise for your man? What did you give him, apart from socks and underwear? Before asking for something, ask yourself how caring and tender are you? Don’t be lazy, work on your relationship!
Персональный стилист в Дубае

Experiment on it, show more affection, make surprises. Fall in love over and over againMay this Valentine’s Day bring you happiness and a lot of surprises!
Шопинг со стилистом в Дубае

If you like this post, leave a comment about your attitude towards Valentine’s Day! Do you like a man’s love and attention or never get offended receiving flowers and gifts on rare occasions?Стилист-имиджмейкер в Дубае Стилист в Дубае

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