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My husband and I recently went on a “staycation” holiday to W Hotel. I’ve already told you in Instagram what staycation is. Staycation (or stay-at-home vacation) is a vacation spent at home instead of travelling abroad. It’s very popular in Dubai. You may pretend that you are a tourist in your home town or city.

Стилист в Дубае

We like to spend our time off this way whenever we can. We love hotels and we love Dubai. It’s a good chance to spend time alone together and get away from it all. It’s kind of a recharge for us. Plus….. we don’t have to travel far away. 

Шопинг со стилистом в Дубае

So, our last staycation we spent in W Hotel at Al Habtoor City. Al Habtoor City is relatively new and is one of the largest districts of Dubai. The construction of Al Habtoor City was one of the many ambitious project of the Dubai’s government. Ultramodern urban resort has sprung up in the heart of Dubai sitting on the banks of new water canal . New roads, hotels – It was all built within a very short period of time.

Шопинг со стилистом в Дубае

W Hotel is one of three hotels in the complex. Whichever hotel you choose to stay in: W Hotel, St.Regis or Westin, you may go from one building to another, share the same pools and bars.

W Hotel 3

W Hotel 4

W Hotel 5

Персональный стилист в Дубае

The concept of W Hotel, is fashion and life style. The hotel’s atmosphere is very friendly and relaxing. Many of Dubai’s hotels are against taking photos and videos, with W Hotel it is just the other way round. Hotel personnel will tell you even what hashtag is better to use for your Instagram post)).

Стилист в Дубае

The hotel’s interiors are ultramodern and futuristic. There is no luxurious mahogany furniture, no exquisite upholstery or magnificent Persian carpets. The design is geared towards young, active, casual-oriented people who love fashion and live a modern lifestyle.

Шопинг в Дубае Персональный стилист в Дубае Шопинг в Дубае Стилист в Дубае Шопинг со стилистом в Дубае

The first thing that strikes you when entering the hotel is that there is no typical reception desk with time zone clocks above it. You’ll have to go up to the 30 floor to find the lobby. The reception desk is of futuristic style as well. You may relax in the lounge area nearby, enjoy a stunning view to the Water Canal or just lay back in a large couch.

Шоппинг в Дубае Стилист в Дубае

We took a suite overlooking the new Water Canal. And it was the right choice. The room was large, futuristic, and cozy at the same time.

Шопинг со стилистом в Дубае Стилист в Дубае Шоппинг со стилистом в Дубае

The main focus in the room is on a round king size bed. When you’re lying down, it seems as if you are not in the hotel, but far away in a space station or as if you are playing in a new Hollywood blockbuster and the aliens are about to arrive.

Шопинг со стилистом в Дубае

Персональный стилист в Дубае

But most of all I like the tub located between the bed and the window.

Стилист В Дубае

We had a nice breakfast in the morning. The hotel offers a selection of European, Arabic, and Asian cuisine. There were a lot of fruits and delicious pastries, which I have on rare occasions, and I just couldn’t refuse.

Стилист в Дубае Шоппинг в Дубае

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